What we do and how we do it.

Our goal is to curate a jewelry collection that works in all aspects of your life.


We help you by sourcing the pieces of jewelry that you are currently lacking in your collection.

This may run the gambit…. is your collection saturated with evening wear jewelry, but lacking in wearable everyday pieces?
This is where we can help fill in those areas, without your having to run to multiple stores, in hopes of finding what you’re looking for.

What sets us apart from your local jewelry store is


Through our network of vendors, we can source anything, from a pair of diamond studs to unique one of kind pieces.


Time is money, money is time...

and we don’t have enough of either.

This philosophy is the driving force of our business.

Think of us as your personal jewelry concierge.

Let us help.

Filling out a questionnaire is the first step.

This helps us to better understand what your wants/needs are, and saves both of us a considerable amount of time. It also helps point us in the right direction to assist you with future wants or needs.

Consider this the starting point of understanding your jewelry collection.

Once, we have received your questionnaire, we will contact you for a consultation. If after the consultation, we are both in agreement on moving forward, we will then require a retainer fee of $500.00 and signed contract.

The retainer establishes that we are being hired for your specific needs, catered to YOU. This allows us to start the process of finding those special pieces you are wanting to add to your collection. Upon finding those specific pieces of jewelry, the retainer fee will be applied to the cost of your purchase.

We also have an added concierge service, that might be more suitable for your needs.

For a fee of $75.00 per hour we offer a service that includes a jewelry consultation on your existing jewelry collection. For example, we are available for you to “Facetime” us in making decisions as to what you should wear to an important event.

Let us make your shopping experience an exciting one, with minimal stress, and definitely hassle free. Our goal is to make this process fun, and to enhance your jewelry collection.